“I help woman and Mumtreprenuers who lack confidence achieve lasting clarity, freedom and success in all areas of their life through manifest coaching”




I push my clients to hold themselves accountable and extinguish their limiting beliefs and insecurities, while simultaneously igniting an uncontrollable spark of confidence and determination!




I am a firm believer that you cannot give the best to your family, if you allow limiting and negative beliefs about yourself to inhabit your mind. Clarity with what inhabits your mind is a key step in the process.




Merging feminine (creative) and masculine (productive), releases a tidal wave of unstoppable force and potential! My approach unleashes your full potential to create an avalanche of success.


I work with clients who….

-Are ready to make a change immediately
-Are willing to put in the time and resources to see change
-Who are willing to look beyond the “normal” to achieve results

For my clients I…

-Help them achieve results immediately.
-Provide a compassionate service: I will guide you to your true being in a gentle, safe and transformative way.
-I work at the speed of light and my work is always potent and life changing!
-I have a great sense of humour and days will be filled with lots of laughter, fun, and divine manifestation as you claim your inherent Goddess power.

Could you be the next to unleash your power?

To see freedom, clarity and success in your business?

I’m excited to get you results just like my lovely client, Kim

” I attended the workshop not knowing fully what to expect but knowing I wanted to take as much from it as possible. What a day it turned out to be! I learnt so much about what I wanted and where I should be going. Some of the changes where pretty quick in coming as well. Others I’m still working on but know I will get there. It was a great experience and one I would do again to refocus or recommend to get started on your journey. Thanks Kat for helping me get started. I can’t wait to live my best possible life”


Next Steps…

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